Let me introduce myself…I am a ranch wife, mother to three wonderful, crazy teenage boys, student, budding health coach, DoTERRA wellness advocate, who lives with the health challenge of Multiple Sclerosis everyday.melissahomner

Early in my high school years I struggled with constant fatigue, stomach issues and brain fog. I learned to live with the symptoms, but they didn’t get better.

My symptoms got worse. 

It finally culminated in my Junior year in College when I woke up one morning and my legs wouldn’t work. At all.

I broke down and went home to sleep for a week. Things got a little better. I finished my bachelor’s degree, got married, and started a family. But as I progressed through my children’s young years, I continued to battle a host of neurological symptoms, which I just tried to live with.

Any of this sounding familiar?

Finally, after a barrage of tests, MRI’s, brain and spine scans, the doctors had ruled out everything but MS. No lesions showed on my brain or spinal cord, but because nearly every gal in my family had Multiple Sclerosis (or MS), that was the doctor’s best guess.

Ok. At least I had a name to the “beast”!

I was devastated! I knew what Multiple Sclerosis does to a person. I had watched the struggle with pain, mourned the restrictions and growing debilitation. I had been shattered watching my loved ones lose their independence as the disease progressed.

I felt there was no way out.

But when the Doctor suggested that I begin taking weekly shots to slow the disease, I panicked! The drug he was suggesting was a form of chemotherapy! At that point, my left side, especially my leg was nearly completely numb and would not hold my weight. My hands were so numb that I had to watch them when I picked up anything to make sure that my grip was good. I had severe fatigue and depression.

But I was still a mom with three lively little boys to care for!

It felt like my life was over. MS is incurable. Everybody knows that.

But the longer I thought, the more I rebelled against the idea that there was no hope!!!!!

By God’s grace and support from friends, I found a chiropractor who introduced me the idea of checking for food allergies and using supplements to support my body. Because MS is an autoimmune disease, the idea was to look for the foods and environmental exposures that were triggering my immune responses.

Shortly after seeing some success and improvement by beginning to changing diet, we moved to Montana. I soon found another chiropractor who was also a kinesiologist. He figured out that I was severely allergic to gluten, white potatoes, white sugar and night shades.

I began changing my diet and supporting my body with specific supplements.

Within a month the feeling was coming back to my hands and legs!

My energy level was up and life suddenly was not so dark! I had a future!!!!!

My plan today is to play ball with my grandkids!!!! If they’ll let me. 😉

Today, 3 ½ years later, I rarely have symptoms, and only when I have messed up with my diet somewhere!

So I began to study autoimmune diseases on my own, listen to others stories, and start conversations with people that were fighting autoimmune diseases.

I learned that autoimmune diseases can be traced to environmental triggers–they are neither incurable nor autoimmune!

There is hope for you too!

The first step?

  • Pinpoint your triggers, or what is causing your immune system to malfunction. I recommend seeing an allergy specialist and getting tested. Be sure to note not only environmental triggers, but food allergies as well.
  • Help your body heal. Avoid those triggers as much as possible. Your symptoms are directly linked to something that has been called “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. (I will go into that more in another blog post!)
  • You CAN change your health! I’m not into quick cures or trendy solutions. I’m interested in what works and what doesn’t.
  • Is changing your lifestyle easy? NOPE! But it’s SO worth it!

My friend, please don’t just take what the doctor says and settle in to endure your disease, whatever it is! I will show you how to research your diagnoses and suggest natural solutions that will help you on your own journey to wellness.

Here’s to your health!



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