About the Author

About seven years ago, my left leg was almost completely numb and would give out on me when I was just walking through the house. I had severe vertigo at the worst times (like driving). Debilitating headaches were an everyday occurrence, often causing temporary blindness in my right eye. My hands, especially my left hand, were numb and I was losing muscle control quickly. Brain fog and chronic fatigue became a way of life. At that time, my boys were small and we lived way out in the boondocks (which I love!). I was desperate! How could I take care of my boys like this?
So began a long process of tests and trips to doctors and specialists who did their best to pinpoint my problem. Finally, my neurologist came in and said they had ruled out everything but MS, but there are no lesions on my brain or spine so he could not definitively diagnose. His suggestion was to start on a weekly shot to slow the progression of the disease. As he began telling me the side effects and organs that would eventually be damaged by this drug, my foggy mind was reeling. I wanted to scream “NOOOO! You got the wrong girl!!!!”
It took some time while I tried to adjust to my new reality, in the back of my mind was this nagging thought… there must be a better way! I began seeing a chiropractor who had just began practicing kinesiology. He found that chocolate was causing some of my migraines and started me on a supplement that temporarily shielded my myelin sheath from further damage. Shortly after I started the supplement we moved to a new location for work. There, a new friend recommended a Doctor who really took my case to heart.  He discovered I was severely allergic to gluten, white sugar, white potatoes and nightshades. As I began to eat differently and to use a combination vitamins, minerals, and oils to support my body, my symptoms began to disappear! What a change for a meat and potatoes, pie and cinnamon rolls cook!  It’s been around three years now since I changed my diet and I have never looked back. God is good! Very rarely do I have symptoms show up again…and it’s usually because I “fell of the wagon” somewhere! Now when people ask me “Why do you work so hard?” I tell them, “Because I can!”
And so can you! Please don’t give up on your health! There just may be alternatives for you. I am no doctor, but I can share with you what I know from experience and help you find options to better your health naturally.
I plan to play ball with my grandkids! You with me?!
–Blessings, Melissa Homner